Kythera sweets: a delicious paradise!

Lovers of pastry-making are familiar with the tastes originating from Kythera. We have the rich history of the island to thank for, with its numerous conquerors gifting the local culture with customs and habits that enriched the island’s cuisine, that after so many influences became a joyful journey into taste. Afterall, this is what the traditional cuisine of Kythera is all about: a successful combination of influences of the East, the West, the Venetian and the English occupation, as well as influences from Crete and the Peloponnese. All cultures joined with the strong local character, creating delicious recipes that move our senses and bring to life hidden joys and long-lost memories.

Kythera is famous for its distinctive pastry-making tradition. The high-quality ingredients produced locally -such as the worldwide famous honey and the second most favourite local product, almonds- give a precious advantage into every taste created here. The journey to local pastry-making could not start anywhere but from the famous Rosedes/Marzipan: :honey, almonds, semolina, cinnamon, cloves mix into a special dough that is then shaped into ovals, crescents, pears and intricate flowers, and sprinkled with sugar and confectioner’s sugar -a recipe that excites with the variety of its ingredients.

Pasta Mylou: a tasty surprise with strong influences originating from the era of the English occupation, and a perfect recipe for all almond lovers: the almonds are being grinded in the mill and then covered in syrup and mixed with vanilla!

Butino: another recipe inspired by the English era in the island, it reminds us of sponge cake and pudding. It is baked in the oven and made with fresh milk, butter, eggs semolina, sugar, cinnamon, almonds and dried grapes.

Pastitseto: : a local sweet originating from the Venetian occupation of the island, it is presented during formal occasions and is made of vanilla, fresh butter and quince marmalade.

Kserotigana/fried dumplings: they look similar to the Cretan ones but the ones made in Kythera are more refined -even made to look like flowers- made with eggs, lots of honey, cinnamon and sesame.

“Our” Rosedes.

Petits Grecs present “Rosedes”, a modern, elevated variation of the forgotten regional recipe of Kythera. These pear-shaped almond marzipans are filled with premium-quality honey and mixed with walnuts: a taste of local cuisine and pastry-making, infused with elements of the Venetian occupation of the island, quite distinct from other recipes from across Greece.