Our story

We are based in the harbor of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest town.

The multicultural mentality of the city’s inhabitants has greatly influenced the local cuisine through the centuries. Being born and bred from this area, we have grown up appreciating the beauty of different recipes.

It all started with a woman passionate about the little Greek treats, the ones that so dearly accompany our every day, our every social occasion. She was determined to make the home baked Greek treats known to the whole world, through new, imaginative recipes, based on local tradition.



After many years of travelling throughout Greece and experimenting with various alternative recipes, she finally launched the PETITS GRECS range in 2014. A small, yet dedicated group of people, enriched by famous Greek chefs and pastry chefs, is constantly creating contemporary treats ever since.

The inspiration behind each recipe comes from a different place in Greece. The original is selected out of the many that the area has to offer and our Petits Grecs team undertakes the assignment to work it over and over again, until it comes up with its own twist, which we proudly present to you.



Kourabies, rosedes, koulouraki, biskota, almyra, tou koutaliou, melomakarona …


 All from 100% natural ingredients, tasty and nutritious, representative clean label products of the avant garde Greek savory and pastry making art.


Our Little Greek treats. This is how our name was born.

Finest Greek Treats