Savory biscuit rolls & breadsticks

“Almyrà” [Greek for savory treats] come in various recipes and in many different shapes throughout Greece. Every region has its own little «secret» recipes to present.

Our “almyrà” range includes 2 different shapes and 7 different flavors:

Rolls come in
Spinach & pumpkin seeds
Paprika & chili pepper
Fennel seeds & turmeric
Οlives & coriander seeds

Breadsticks come in
Black seeds
Greek herbs & tomato


For our roll shaped “almyrà” treats we have been inspired by the famous pies (“pita” in Greek) of Epirus, an area located between the mountain range of Pindos and the Ionian Sea in the northwestern part of Greece.

In the past, pita was the dominant element in the nutrition of the native nomad breeders, who had to survive on a little flour and what the surrounding nature provided them. Thus, they have become very imaginative with their pies and today there are endless alternative recipes. Feta, the famous Greek PDO white cheese, was usually an integrant part of their pies.

Staying loyal to this tradition, all our “almyrà” biscuits contain Feta, enriched with Greek only herbs, spices and vegetables.

The area that inspired us to make our artisanal baked breadsticks was Crete. The island that has introduced its famous Cretan Diet to the world, has proven with its cuisine that flavor can come hand in hand with simplicity and pureness. 

Our artisanal series of homey type baked breadsticks are inspired by the nutritional values of the Cretan diet. The local bakery is famous for creating extra crunchy and full-bodied breadsticks, flavored with super food and nutritious ingredients such as herbs, seeds, nuts and vegetables. This is how we wanted our breadsticks to be like.

Black seeds were our first choice. This slightly bitter but greatly enjoyable taste is so unique! Hummus is another ingredient that attracted our attention. Its nutrient profile and its “creamy”, mildly nutty flavor are hard to resist. Last but not least, our Greek herbs and tomato recipe; all the aromas of Greek cooking in a single breadstick.