Sweet & savory spreads

Our spreads range is dedicated to all the unique, natural treasures our country has to offer: fruits, nuts, flowers, plants, trees. Different areas, terroirs and climates nourish different crops, different flavors.

In our spreads we match these diversified ingredients and create our own fine recipes.

They can all be served as treats on flatbread or as dips next to breadsticks.

Choose among the 6 flavors we offer; some sweet, some savor

Tahini with Greek pistachios
Dark chocolate with Greek pistachios
Greek flower honey with mastic
Greek flower honey with saffron
Kalamon olives
Florina peppers


Nutritious pistachios that grow on the islands of the Argosaronikos Gulf blend with tahini. Precious mastic tear-drops and mountainous, northern Greece saffron find themselves in pure, fine flower honey.

Plump and sweet Macedonian red peppers or dark and fleshy Peloponnesian olives become the basis of creative pâtés.

Countless inspirations for countless recipes.

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Alima - Greek honey with saffron

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Alima - Greek honey with mastic

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Alima - Dark Choco Spread with Greek pistachios

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Alima - Tahini Spread with Greek pistachios

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Alima - Spread from Florina peppers

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Alima - Spread from Kalamon olives