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Our Petits Grecs, our little Greek treats, incorporate our passion to introduce the beloved local home-baked creations to the world at large.

We have travelled throughout Greece selecting age-old recipes and with the help of renowned Greek chefs and pastry chefs we have come up with our own, original ones, which best represent their land of origin.

Greece’s topography, history and cuisine are so diverse from place to place, so rich and unique, that every single part of the land can become an endless source of inspiration.

our collections


Traditional shortbread cookies
“Kourabies” has its roots in the words kuru, which means dry, and biye, which means biscuit. The most famous Kourabies recipe comes from the northern harbor of Kavala.



Unique Coffees
Inspired by our recipes, we created special coffee blends in innovative packaging, to accompany our little sweet treats.



Authentic Greek marzipans
“Rosedes” is the word some locals use for their almond paste sweets that resemble marzipans. Our recipe is based on a cherished one from the island of Kythera.



Greek handmade butter cookies
“Koulouraki” is an archetype of Greek home-baking; a light, flavorful andnutritious cookie. Our recipes are inspired by the Peloponnesian versions.



Savory biscuit rolls
“Almyrà” is how we Greeks call our savory treats. The inspiration behind our Feta-based “almyrà” is the praised pies of Epirus, in Northwest Greece.



Greek biscuits
“Biskota” is the Greek word for biscuits. Motivated by the highly nutritional cuisine of the island of Crete, we present a series based on “super food” ingredients.


"Tou koutaliou"

Classic sweet preserves
“Tou koutaliou” stands for “spoon sweets” in Greece. The accustomed local sweet preserves of the mythical mountain of Pelion gave life to our own creations.



Sweet & Savory spreads
“Alima” means spread in Greek. A collection based on authentic Greek ingredients, such as tahini, pistachios, saffron, olives, peppers, fruits, honey and mastic, all presented in unique spread recipes.


"Limited Edition"

Rare, little treasures

Our Limited Edition collection includes "naturally" limited production creations, based on rare, unique and precious ingredients.



Celebrated Greek treats
Joyfully prepared savory and sweet creations, unique aromatic herbal blends, Greek delicacies and fine, little tokens, all boxed in precious, chic packs.


"Tea & infusions"

Organic Herbal tea blend
Created to accompany our sweet treats, this blend consists only from organic aromatic herbs and spices.



All our recipes originate from a different place; others from the islands, others from the highlands, others from the urban areas. They all come as a tribute to the local culture, the local cuisine and, last but not least, to each and every local house wife who creates her treats in her own special way and serves them with pride.

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Thank you

Distinguished Greek chefs and pastry chefs have been our valuable companion during this culinary journey throughout Greece.

They have contributed to our dream with their creativity, their exceptional know-how and their motivation.

The modern face of tradition in 4 different flavors! The vanilla kurabies is tradition itself, the cinnamon one is a wonderful twist, the anise flavored is a striking surprise, and finally the one with Greek coffee is the brightest expression of creativity ..

Gabriel Nikolaides, PROVOCATEUR.GR, in his article «5 Greek Companies are Changing the Map of Local Products"

Their packaging is so elegant… it reminds of jewelry box!

Myrsini Lambraki, FOOD GOSSIP DIARIES, in her article «Where to find the best Kourabiedes in Athens»

Α wonderful box, of unique elegance and finesse, is the first impression. And then, the first bite comes… and you fall in love! This is what happened to me and I am presenting them to you

Maria Kalopoulou, WOMANIDOL, in her article «Petits Grecs. The little Gods of Kourabies»