Easter at Pelion

One journey to magical Pelion is enough for your heart to welcome it and keep it safe inside, forever. Because, at the dreamy mountain of the mythical Centaurs, nature reigns, creating a scenery of unparalleled beauty only met in myths. And if your exploration brings you here during Easter, then the view of the blooming nature all around you, is just the beginning of a truly special, festive experience.

The scenery

The vibrant green slopes with the proud olive trees, keep you company at every step of your exploration, while the picturesque settlements embracing you via the traditional houses and the blooming yards, ease you to a journey back in time. Argalasti village, with its charming public square, the impressive traditional manors and the old, stone-build bridges, the monastery of Pau, a local jewel, famous for its meta-byzantine wall-art, Milina the coastal fishing village that combines perfectly the blue of the sea with the green of the surrounding nature –here you can ride a small boat and get to the tiny island of Alatas and explore the monastery of Agii Saranta- and last but not least, the village of Promiri with the cobblestone paths and the elderly plane tree safeguarding the main public square, are just some of the spots that will make your heart beat fast, with joy.

The tastes

Walking around the area a treat of aromas will greet you, straight out of the villagers’ kitchens, where the locals work with dedication and pure ingredients, on recipes that honor their origin. Home-made tastes emphasize on traditional sweet treats like galaktompoureko and loukoumades, while the fresh, full of taste fruit from the land of Pelion, become delicious, sweet preserves “tou koutaliou” – fig, quince, chestnut, sour cherry- a luscious gift of your exploration.


Local Easter customs begin on Lazarus Saturday with “Lazarines” – little girls holding baskets decorated with flowers who sing while walking around the villages, stopping by every house, where they are given sweet treats or white eggs to dye on Thursday. On Holly Friday, the locals follow the Epitaph procession of their settlement, leading to the village’s main public square, holding candles, listening to the sounds of nature. 24 hour later, at midnight, is “Anastasi” (resurrection of Jesus), with the festive spirit being visible everywhere, with lights, melodies and the aromas of local delicacies embracing every corner and every slope, adding up to the magical essence of Pelion.