Local butter cookies

In Greece we name “koulouraki” all the baked treats that somebody would call cookies. They are created in many different shapes sizes and tastes.
The braided version though is considered a classic.

Our “koulouraki” come in 4 flavors:



Αll four recipes have their roots in the beautiful southern Peloponnese peninsula.

Rich in Mythology and homeland of the ancient Olympic Games, Peloponnese is definitely a land of mystery and interest.

Its diverse culinary history has been formed by the various occupants that inhabited the area: franks, ottomans and venetians.

With its mountainous interior and its deeply indented coasts, the area is blessed with climatic conditions that favor agricultural production, thus offering to the local house wives a variety of ingredients to use in their home-made “koulouraki” treats.

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"Koulouraki" Mahleb - Greek handmade butter cookies

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"Koulouraki" Orange - Greek handmade butter cookies

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"Koulouraki" Cinnamon - Greek handmade butter cookies

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"Koulouraki" Lemon - Greek handmade butter cookies

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