We are grateful to all of them.
They shared our dream and became a precious part of its fulfillment.


Andreas was the first to join our team.
He stood by us during our first Kourabies preparations
and he has been our prized advisor to our Almyrà savory creations.

He calls himself a nomad, in the sense that he enjoys blending elements and ingredients to present an interesting, harmonious result.
Originally from Samos, he has been travelling a lot and has worked in many 5 stars hotels and famous restaurants during his long career.
He has been awarded with the Gold Medal in the European contest of Mediterranean cuisine.


His open minded pastry talent has boosted our Rosedes recipe.

Marinos has a rich experience as pastry chef and has been honored by the collaboration with world renowned restaurants, such as Planet Hollywood and Matsushisa next to chef Nobuyuki [Nobu] in Athens, Grecotel Mykonos Blue, Belvedere Hotel Mykonos, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz, Nobu Park Lane, Nobu Berkley St & Ubon, Sushisamba, Duck & Waffle London and Canary Wharf, Costa Navarino in Peloponnese and Novikov restaurant in Dubai.


For our koulouraki and biskota treats we wanted to come up with “pure and simple”, yet nutritious, recipes. We have chosen Alexis to be our guide, since he is
“Mr. Simplicity”.

Alexis Alexiou is renowned for creating pastry menus based on the pureness of their ingredients. At the same time he enjoys surprising us and being subversive. All his creations are imaginative, to say the least.
His love for simplicity derives from his respect to nature and his strong believe in the rational use of all materials.
Alexis is currently pastry chef at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Thessaloniki.